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Wholesale patting powder highlighter custom makeup

2024-01-23 20:32 COLORYAN 90

Wholesale patting highlighter powder private label

Patting powder highlighter

Face patting powder highlighter is one of the most popular highlighting products nowadays. It has unique packaging and is easy to use. You can get a shiny effect with just one tap.

COLORYAN loose highlighter powder is available in 6 colors. Among them, pearl white, gold, bronze and pink are the best-selling colors. Luminous powder for hair, body and face that lets you shine and be the center of attention. Glitter powder highlighter makeup brings you a 3D effect.

This is a wholesale highlighters, our COLORYAN beauty company is committed to creating wholesale and customized beauty products, if you are looking for a good supplier, please contact us, we accept label customization and printing services. And OEM/ODM services.

patting powder highlighter


The Body Shimmer Powder is lightweight, soft and smooth, has good gloss and a light fragrance. It adheres well to the skin, absorbs excess oil and covers skin imperfections, giving you a long-lasting, shiny look all day long.

Easy to apply, apply the body glitter to any part where you want to shine, not only the face, but also the arms, collarbones, legs, shoulders, etc. to create a three-dimensional makeup look full of charm and luster.

Body shimmer powder has safe and healthy ingredients, is vegan, cruelty-free, animal testing-free, comfortable to use and skin-friendly, making it an ideal beauty product and makeup helper.

loose highlighter powderhigh pigment higlighter


COLORYAN beauty wholesale factory accepts beauty wholesale and customized services.

1. Contact us,leave the message for makeup you want.

2. Talk with us and Confirm the quantity and design details

3. Quote for you

4. Confirm the order and make payment.

5. Starting to process and shipping.




Accepting to custom colors, ingredients, packaging.

LOGO customized accept

Brand customized accept

This is a cheap, high-quality LOOSE HIGHLIGHTER POWDER product, if you want to increase your visibility with your own brand. Please contact us, in addition to blush, we also have lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, brow products, highlight, blush, eye shadow, contour, concealer, foundation, mascara, makeup setting spray, makeup brushes, skin care products and more.

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The face patting powder highlighter is equipped with a special sponge puff head. When using it for the first time, please pat it several times until the powder comes out. Just tap the highlighter tip where you want it.loose highlighting


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