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Best Liquid Highlighter Eyesahdow Makeup Private Label Wholesale Manufacturer

Best Liquid Highlighter Eyesahdow Makeup Private Label Wholesale Manufacturer

  • Color:4 COLOR
  • Size:3.1*3.1*3.3CM
  • Net Weight:0.025KG
  • Product Form:LIQUID
  • Service:Customization Service, After-sales Service.
  • Payment Terms:T/T,Paypal,Bank transfer
  • Shipment:By sea, By air, DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT

Highlight eye shadow is a multi-functional cosmetic product. It can not only brighten the makeup, but also be used as eye shadow to modify the eyes. Many people choose this cosmetic for convenience and practicality. Let’s introduce COLORYAN liquid highlighter eyeshadow makeup.

Can you use highlighter as eyeshadow?

highlighter as eyeshadow

It's made up of four colors that are shiny without being flashy, and as a highlighter makeup, it's a great product that you can apply to your face and body. It can modify the face shape, collarbone, etc. As an eye shadow, it is a pearlescent eye shadow that can be used as the last step to brighten the eyes and make the eye makeup more perfect.

Highlighter eyeshadow images


4 colors available


Swatches for each highlighter color


Features of Liquid Highlight Eyeshadow:

Liquid Highlight Eyeshadow has the following features:

Highly pigmented: The liquid highlighter eyeshadows typically come in vivid, bright colors that provide an intense sparkling effect.

EASY TO APPLY: The liquid texture makes the highlighter eye shadow MAKEUP easy to apply and blend, and the brightness and effect can be easily adjusted.

Persistence: The liquid highlighter eyeshadows generally have good permanence and can maintain a shiny effect on the eyes or other areas of the face for a long time.

How to use highlighter eyeshadow?

Eyeshadow Highlight: Use liquid highlighter eyeshadow on the eye sockets, eyelids, or browbones to highlight eye contours and add sparkle. Choose a color that coordinates with your eye makeup, or try a bright color that contrasts with your eye makeup.

Facial Highlight: Apply liquid highlighter eyeshadow to other areas of the face, such as cheekbones, bridge of nose, and lip arch, to brighten and contour the face. Be careful to use just the right amount of product and blend strategically for a natural-looking finish.

Wholesale Cosmetics Suppliers and Custom Cosmetics Suppliers:

Wholesale cosmetics suppliers: If you are interested in wholesale cosmetics, you can contact COLORYAN manufacturers to learn about wholesale policies and prices to get better prices and choices.

Custom cosmetics supplier: If you are interested in custom cosmetics, please contact us. We can customize formulas, packaging and labels. Make sure to work with reliable suppliers and ensure that products comply with relevant regulations and quality standards.


Liquid highlighter eyeshadow is a versatile cosmetic product that can be used to accentuate eye features and brighten other areas of the face. Choosing the right brand and color and applying it strategically to your eyeshadow and face can add a sparkling glow to your look. Work with us to ensure products meet quality standards and regulatory requirements. Make the most of liquid highlighter eyeshadow for a unique look.

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