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A cosmetics company in the United States purchased 5,000 liquid lipsticks

2023-11-24 00:43 COLORYAN 219

A cosmetics company in the United States purchased 5,000 liquid lipsticks

Liquid matte lipstick is one of the best-selling lipsticks today because it not only gives the entire makeup a natural effect, but also enhances your temperament.

And as a wholesale lipstick, this is a very cost-effective option, with large quantities and low cost. We accept private label and OEM,ODM service.

Liquid matte lipstick is a lipstick product with special texture and effect.

Its features are as follows:

Matte finish: The most striking feature of liquid matte lipstick is its matte finish. Unlike traditional glossy or shimmery lipsticks, matte lipsticks have a soft, matte texture when applied, creating a soft, matte finish.

Liquid matte lipsticks generally have good longevity, retaining color and texture on the lips for a longer period of time. Its formulas often contain long-lasting ingredients, such as dyes and polymers, which help the lipstick stick to the lips permanently, reducing the likelihood of peeling and fading.

Waterproof: Some coloryan liquid lipsticks matte are waterproof and last long, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off when eating or swimming.

High saturation: Matte lipsticks liquid typically have high color saturation, which provides rich, vibrant color payoff. It has a thicker texture, and generally only one layer is needed to achieve the desired color saturation.

Lightweight and comfortable: Liquid matte lipsticks tend to be lightweight and don't feel heavy or sticky on the lips after application. It's often formulated with moisturizing ingredients like humectants and oils to provide lips with a comfortable moisturizing feel.

Easy and precise application: Since liquid matte lip stick usually comes with a slim brush head or a special applicator, it is easier to achieve precise application. This gives users greater control over the shape and edges of their lipstick, creating a more refined lip look.lip swatches

Overall, liquid matte lipstick makeup has become a favorite lipstick choice for many people due to its matte effect, long-lasting, high saturation, and lightweight comfort. Whether it's an everyday look or a special occasion, liquid matte lipstick brings a unique allure to lips.

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