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Coloryan Cosmetics Company specializes in manufacturing and customizing beauty products, including eyeshadows, eyebrow products, eyeliners, lipsticks, lip glosses, highlighters, concealers, foundations, mascaras, false eyelashes, makeup brushes, and more. Our custom services cover the entire process from design, printing, customization, packaging, shipping, to after-sales service, leveraging over 10 years of experience to provide excellent service to our clients. We have the capability to customize products to meet our clients' desired effects.

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Design: Coloryan Cosmetics has a professional design team that offers free design services. If you have any design ideas, simply let us know, and we will create the desired effects for you free of charge.

Private label: We provide private label printing services, allowing clients to have their labels or logos printed on finished products, fulfilling their dreams of selling their own branded products.

Customization: Coloryan Cosmetics offers customization services beyond private labeling. We also provide OEM and ODM services, where clients can provide their own designs or ideas for customized packaging, ingredients, colors, and more.

Packing: Before shipment, each product undergoes a double-check of quantity and quality by Coloryan. We take great care in packaging each product to ensure that our clients receive them in perfect condition.

Shipping: We arrange shipments according to your requirements, whether it's by air, sea, express, or other methods. If you have a freight forwarder, we are happy to collaborate with them to arrange transportation. If you don't have a shipping partner, we can provide suitable shipping solutions. Our team is dedicated to serving you with safe, reliable, cost-effective, and timely delivery.

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