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DIY Eyeshadow Palette Wholesale Private Label

2023-11-24 00:42 COLORYAN 100

Creating your own DIY eyeshadow palette is a fun and creative way to customize your makeup collection. Here are some steps and tips to help you create your own personalized eyeshadow palette:

Decide on the palette type. Coloryan palettes come in different types, including magnetic palettes and cardboard/plastic eyeshadow palettes, while custom palettes require you to stock eyeshadows from an existing palette and add them Place in an empty plate.

For the magnetic eyeshadow palette, you can choose different eyeshadows to put in it, and the advantage of it is that you can take it out at will.
For cardboard eyeshadow palettes, you need to select all the colors first and then stick them in with glue. Once the color is selected, its color cannot be changed.

DIY eyeshadow palette chart:


How to choose eyeshadow color: coloryan has developed more than 150 different color options, including matte, vermilion and glitter eyeshadows. Customers can choose their favorite colors, choose the colors that suit them, and put them into the palette inside.

Feature of eyeshadows:

1,Waterproof eyeshadow
2. Long lasting eyeshadow
3. High pigment eyeshadow

eyeshadow images below:


Arrange the eyeshadows: Once you have all the eyeshadows in the pan, arrange them in the palette or container in a way that is visually pleasing to you. You can organize them by color, finish, or any other system that works for you.

Tag your palette: To keep track of the shades in your palette, consider tagging them. Including eye shadow name and logo printing, etc. coloryan provides private label and oem, odm services.

Customize and refill: The great thing about a DIY eyeshadow palette is that you can constantly customize and refill it. When you buy new eyeshadows or want to change shades, you can easily add or replace them in your palette.

Remember to have fun and try different color combinations and finishes. Creating a DIY eyeshadow palette allows you to curate a collection that reflects your personal style and preferences.

Custom eyeshadow palette:



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