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The Best Eyebrow Pomade Gel Makeup

2023-11-21 23:54 COLORYAN 70

Eyebrow pomade is a popular makeup product used to fill in and define eyebrows. It typically comes in a creamy or waxy texture and is applied with an angled brush. Here's some information about coloryan eyebrow gel and how to use the pomade eyebrow gel:

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Waterproof eye brow gel pomade
Long lasting eyebrow pomades
High pigment eyebrow pomade
Vegan and cruelty free eyebrow pomades

Purpose of Pomade eyebrow: Eye brow pomade is designed to create well-defined and sculpted eyebrows. It helps fill in sparse areas, adds color and texture, and provides a long-lasting hold. Pomade is particularly useful for creating bold and precise eyebrow looks.

Choosing the Right Shade: Selecting the right shade of eyebrow pomade is crucial to achieve natural-looking results. Here are 10 colors you can choose. Choosing a shade that matches your natural brow color or is slightly lighter for a softer effect. If you have blonde hair, you may opt for a shade that matches your hair color or one shade darker. For darker hair colors, go for a shade that complements your hair tone without appearing too harsh.

Tools Needed: To apply eyebrow pomade, you'll need an angled eyebrow brush and a spoolie brush. The angled brush helps with precise application, while the spoolie brush is used to blend and soften the pomade for a natural finish.

Application Technique:

Start with clean and groomed eyebrows. Brush your eyebrows upward using the spoolie brush to reveal their natural shape.

Dip the angled brush into the eyebrow pomade, ensuring you have a small amount of product on the brush. It's better to start with less product and build it up gradually.

Starting at the inner part of your eyebrow, use short, light strokes to mimic the look of natural eyebrow hairs. Follow the direction of your hair growth as you fill in any sparse areas or define the shape of your brows.

Continue applying the pomade along the length of your eyebrows, focusing on areas that need more definition or color. Use a light hand and build up the intensity slowly to avoid a heavy or unnatural look.

After applying the pomade, use the spoolie brush to comb through your eyebrows, blending the product and softening any harsh lines. This helps create a more natural and seamless finish.

If needed, you can also use a concealer or a clean angled brush to clean up the edges of your eyebrows and sharpen the shape.

Setting the Eyebrows: To ensure your eyebrow pomade gel stays in place throughout the day, you can set your eyebrows with a clear or tinted eyebrow gel. This helps lock the product in and adds extra hold.

Practice and Experiment: Like any makeup technique, using eyebrow pomade may require practice to achieve your desired results. Experiment with different techniques, brush angles, and amounts of product to find what works best for you. Remember that everyone's eyebrows are unique, so it's important to adapt the application to suit your brow shape and personal style.

Removal: At the end of the day, make sure to remove your eyebrow pomade using a gentle makeup remover or cleanser. Take care not to rub or tug on your eyebrows to avoid any potential damage.

Eyebrow pomade is a versatile product that allows you to create various eyebrow looks, from natural to bold and defined. With practice and patience, you can achieve beautifully sculpted eyebrows that enhance your overall makeup look.


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