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How to distinguish types of eyeshadow?

2023-11-24 00:35 COLORYAN 117

Eyeshadow is a cosmetic product used to add color and depth to the eyes. Eye shadow is usually classified based on its form, texture and effect. Here are some common eyeshadow categories:

Powder Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow powder is one of the most common types of eye shadow. They come in powder form and usually need to be applied to the eyelids with a brush or sponge before use. Powder eyeshadows are available in a variety of colors and glosses and can be easily blended and layered for different looks.

Eyeshadow powder is divided into pressed eyeshadow and loose powder eyeshadow. Pressed eyeshadow is usually packaged in eyeshadow palettes or single-color eyeshadow case, while loose powder eyeshadow is usually packaged in cans.

Eyeshadow palette image:

eye shadow

Loose eyeshadow image:

color chart (2)

Generally speaking, eye shadows are divided into matte, shimmer, glitter and chameleon eye shadows.
Matte eyeshadow, shimmer eyeshadow, glitter eyeshadow and chameleon eyeshadow are common eyeshadow types, and they differ in texture and effect:

Matte Eyeshadow: Matte eyeshadow is an eyeshadow without glitter or shine, giving it a smooth, soft texture. They are often used to create a natural, everyday or intense eye look, and can help create depth and definition in the eye sockets. Matte eye shadow is often used as a shadow and transition color around the eyes.

Shimmer Eyeshadow: Shimmer eyeshadow contains tiny sequins or gloss particles, which add some sparkle and gloss to the eye makeup. They can create a certain reflective effect on the eyelids, making the eyes look brighter and more vivid. Shimmer eyeshadow is often used to highlight key areas of the eyes, such as the center or corners of the eyes.

Glitter Eyeshadow: Glitter eyeshadow gives a bright, sparkling effect. They usually have highly saturated colors and strong metallic sheen, which can bring a high degree of visual appeal to eye makeup. Glitter eye shadow is often used to create an evening look or as eye decoration for special occasions.

Duochrome Eyeshadow: Duochrome Eye shadow contains a variety of color particles, showing changing color effects at different angles. They often have unique color-shifting properties that can produce different color effects under different lights. Chameleon eye shadow is often used to create layered and mysterious eye makeup effects.

These eyeshadow types can be used individually or mixed and matched to create a variety of eye makeup effects based on personal preference and makeup needs.

Cream Eyeshadow: Cream eyeshadow has a soft, paste-like texture and usually comes in small jars or tubes. They can be applied to the eyelids with your fingers or a dedicated eyeshadow brush. Cream eye shadow has better color saturation and durability, and is suitable for creating a more vivid and shiny makeup effect.

Liquid Eyeshadow: Liquid eyeshadow has a runny texture and usually comes in a pen or tube. They come with a tiny brush or sponge tip that can be applied directly to your eyelids.

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