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Loose glitter eyeshadow powder makeup wholesale

2024-01-17 23:22 COLORYAN 86

Wholesale waterproof loose glitter eyeshadow set

sparkly makeup glitter loose powder eyeshadow

Get ready for glowing skin with the COLORYAN Cosmetics Glitter Eyeshadow Collection!

Whether you want to add a subtle shimmer or go all out with a unicorn look, our glitter eyeshadow powder is sure to wow you. Available in a variety of shades and finishes, you're sure to find the perfect look for any occasion.

loose glitter

This is a high pigment glitter eyeshadow, available in 12 colors, each color comes in a small jar individually packaged, yes, this is a loose glitter eyeshadow set, except for loose glitter powders, each individually packaged There is also a glue in the package. Please note that this glue can be applied on skin and lips and is a non-hazardous product.

loose glitter eyeshadow pigment

As loose glitter makeup, its main feature is that it is very waterproof. As we all know, the material of glitter is different from ordinary matte pearl material. It is in the form of small particles, so it is more durable than ordinary matte pearl eye shadow. Waterproof, high pigment glitter eye shadow.

Can I use loose glitter on lips?

This is a multi-purpose sparkly glitter loose powder makeup. In addition to being used as eye shadow, it can also be used as lip makeup. Yes, you can use it to modify your lips. The sample picture is as follows,

loose eyeshadow

Use as a highlight👇

waterproof eyeshadow

It's fun, versatile, and very smart! COLORYAN eyeshadow glitter loose powder comes in a range of stunning colors and glitter, metallic, glitter colors, among which silver glitter eyeshadow, gold glitter eyeshadow, pink glitter eyeshadow are the best selling glitter colors and most importantly, The loose glitter powder Can be worn safely on face, lips, eyes and body.

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How do you make loose glitter eyeshadow stay?

The glue that comes with it is made to fix glitter eye shadow. This glue is very stable, so you don't have to worry about the loose glitter falling off. In addition, you can also choose to use other eye primers.

glue makeup


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