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What does oem mean?

OEM is the abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM refers to a company or organization that produces or custom-makes parts or components for products, and then sells these products to other companies or brands, who sell them as part of their own brands. to the end user. In other words, an OEM is a manufacturer that produces products for other companies, rather than selling the products directly to end users.

OEMs typically produce to the requirements and specifications of other companies, which may be retailers, brand owners, or other manufacturers. OEM manufacturers can customize production according to customer requirements, including product design, packaging and logos, etc.

ODM meaning

Different from OEM, ODM is the abbreviation of Original Design Manufacturer. ODM refers to a company or organization that is responsible for the entire process from product design to manufacturing. ODM not only provides manufacturing services, but also design and research and development of products.

ODM manufacturers usually have their own design teams and R&D capabilities, able to design and innovate products according to customer needs and requirements. Customers can provide some basic design requirements and specifications, and the ODM manufacturer is responsible for completing the design, prototyping, testing, and mass production of the product. ODM manufacturers usually produce products under the customer's brand and package and label them according to the customer's requirements.

Compared with OEM, ODM plays a more important role in the design and development stage of the product. ODM manufacturers usually have stronger technical strength and innovation capabilities and can provide customers with more competitive product solutions.

Coloryan has both OEM and ODM design and production capabilities, making it the best choice for customized beauty products.

ODM AND OEM makeup service:

1.Private label makeup:

Coloryan company has different types of beauty products. Customers can choose the beauty products they want according to their needs, from lip makeup, face makeup to eye makeup, everything is available. At the same time, coloryan provides personalized customization services, the first of which is private label customization, which means that customers can design their own logo and print it on the product to make it their own brand product. Private labels can be printed or stickers are available for customers to choose. Printing includes UV printing, hot stamping and silk screen printing. Can print patterns, text and other information.

2.ODM and OEM:

Coloryan has the ability to mass produce cosmetics and design cosmetics. If you want to design your own independent brand, including design, packaging, branding and ingredients, we at Coloryan will go all out to design and produce the products you want.

What makes OEM and ODM different from private label is that their customized solutions are more specific, from design to product, every aspect is redesigned and produced.

The following is our customized content:


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