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Soft matte shimmer glitter single eye shadows wholesale

2024-01-13 20:01 COLORYAN 76

The best soft eyeshadows by COLORYAN

Skin-friendly color, soft pigments, silky texture. Make COLORYAN wholesale bulk mini eyeshadow palette stand out. Express yourself and your artistry without limits by bringing out your true color with a range of eyeshadows. From matte single eyeshadow and shimmer single eyeshadow to glitter single eyeshadow, each eyeshadow remains soft and delivers a vibrant effect.

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It comes in 23 different colors for you to choose from. Among them, matte brown eyeshadow palette and dark brown shimmer eyeshadow single have the best sales. The brown color that is loved by the public is often an essential color for daily makeup. Do you need such an eye shadow palette makeup? Here are the color options for single-color eye shadow:

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Please note that COLORYAN eyeshadows are high-performance formulas that are lightweight and buildable.


Matte, satin, shimmer and glitter finishes

Intense color payoff

Why choose it

1.Rich in color, easy to apply and silky texture

The power of pigment can be seen. Lift your eyes with a touch of rich, highly pigmented eyeshadow. This neutral eyeshadow palette is formulated to stay on all day and is crease-free for eight hours. Results: Color payoff is intense, applies evenly, blends well, and can be used wet or dry. Available in a variety of colors.

2. This vegan neutral eyeshadow palette is small, lightweight and easy to carry, it is a small neutral eyeshadow palette for travel. For a small eyeshadow palette, it is undoubtedly the best choice.


Velvety texture blends easily to create smooth, even color.

Versatile formula can be used as an eyeshadow or liner, applied wet or dry.

Long lasting waterproof eyeshadow palette,make your eyes last all day.

Four finishes: soft matte, shimmer and glitter.

Wholesale eyeshadow palettes&private label makeup

COLORYAN is committed to creating high-quality beauty products and engaging in wholesale and customized services. Have you ever thought about exploring the field of beauty? Build your own brand and customize your own beauty products?

Then you have found the right person. As a beauty manufacturer with ten years of experience, we at COLORYAN are willing to serve you sincerely. As long as you want it, we can make it happen.




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