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Soft natural 9 color eyeshadow palette wholesale

2024-01-13 23:25 COLORYAN 80

Blue eyeshadow palette

The charming azure is as charming as the sea. Do you want to show off the beauty of blue eyes? Use our cruelty free eyeshadow palette to create a charming look with you. These 9 cool nude and blue shades blend together. Especially suitable for blue eyes, brown eyes. Each shade is true to color and comes in matte shimmer and pressed shimmer shades. Our long-wear eyeshadows blend easily to create subtle/bold looks with ease.

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blue eyeshadow

Pink eyeshadow palette

Can you wear pink eyeshadow?

This highly pigmented matte shimmer eyeshadow palette applies evenly, feels super soft and silky, and has a fine powder texture that doesn't stick to powder. This long-wearing formula contains a unique combination of soft powders that adhere easily to eyes for a soft-focus effect and blend smoothly and evenly. It is long lasting eyeshadow powder.

The pink waterproof eyeshadow palette consists of nude, pink and purple eyeshadows in bold colors.

pink eyeshadow

BENEFIT for vegan powder eyeshadow

Soft texture

High pigment

Long lasting


Easy to apply

How to apply eyeshadow

1. Choose the eye shadow color that suits you according to your makeup and eye color.

2. Apply eyelid color:

Use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply your main eyeshadow color to your lids. Dab the color onto the lid for added intensity.

3. Add crease depth:

Use a darker color to add definition to the crease. Apply with a smaller blending brush and blend thoroughly to avoid harsh lines.

4. Highlight the brow bone:

Use a small brush to apply light, shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter to your brow bone. This will highlight your brow bones and add brightness.

5. Mix, mix, mix:

Use a clean blending brush to blend the eyeshadow together. This ensures that the eyeshadow appears seamless and blends well.

6. Clean up the edges

Use a cotton swab or a small makeup brush to clean up any residue or correct any uneven edges.

Eyeshadow application will improve with practice. Experiment with different color combinations, techniques and styles to find what works best for you.

Makeup is an art form and there are no strict rules. Feel free to adjust these steps to suit your personal style and preferences. Try different eyeshadow effects and have fun!

After applying the eyeshadow part, are you missing a waterproof and long-lasting eyeliner? Please see here

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