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Wholesale angled eyebrow brush double ended

Wholesale angled eyebrow brush double ended

  • Color:black and silver
  • Size:/
  • Net Weight:0.03kg
  • Product Form:Aluminum handle
  • Service:Customization Service, After-sales Service.
  • Payment Terms:T/T,Paypal,Bank transfer
  • Shipment:By sea, By air, DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT

What does it do to you?

This clever double-ended brow brush will help you create perfectly strong brows. The angled eyebrow brush is suitable for use when applying eyebrow pencil and eyeliner. Use the spoolie end of the brush to comb your eyebrows. It is an eyebrow duo brush. The angled liner brush can be used to outline the eyeliner and eyebrows. Then, use the brush tip to pick up some product and lightly fill it in to create thick, sweet eyebrows. Best of all, the makeup brushes are cruelty-free. it's important makeup tools,lightweight makeup tools.

makeup brush

Best eyebrow brush

Double-ended eyebrow brush

Nylon bristles

Vegan and cruelty-free

Perfectly paired with our eyebrow and eyeliner kits.

single use eyebrow brush

brow duo brush

How to print my own logo on eyebrow brush?

As a wholesale beauty manufacturer, COLORYAN Beauty Wholesale Company accepts all customized services, including logo printing, logo customization, private labeling, and OEM/ODM services.

Just like this double-headed eyebrow brush, we can add your own logo on the eyebrow brush and print the logo, so that you will have a beauty brand of your own, and you can increase its popularity in the beauty industry Stand out, as you can see, this is a wholesale product, so it has cheap price and good quality. We accept small batch orders. Please contact us for specific details and we will serve you 24 hours a day.

double ended eyebrow brush

How to order

Wholesale makeup&private label makeup

If you are interested in this eyebrow brush, please contact us,

Contact us

Confirm quantity and design

Making mock up

Confirm mock up

Quote for you

Make payment

Start to process


About us

MOQ:50PCS (If you don’t need print logo, you could order less than 50pcs)


Accepting to custom colors, ingredients, packaging.

LOGO customized accept

Brand customized accept

Work well with:

color chart

Waterproof eyebrow pomade

eyeliner gel makeup

Waterproof eyeliner gel


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