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DIY Eyeshadow Palette Custom your own palette

DIY Eyeshadow Palette Custom your own palette

  • Color:more than 100 eyeshadow colors you can pick
  • Size:
  • Net Weight:0.25kg
  • Product Form:powder
  • Service:Customization Service, After-sales Service.
  • Payment Terms:T/T,Paypal,Bank transfer
  • Shipment:By sea, By air, DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT
    1. Have you ever wanted to design your own DIY eyeshadow palette? Want to have a unique eyeshadow palette that's just for you?

      COLORYAN has created this custom eye shadow palette for customers. You can choose your own colors and customize labels. Let's take a look.

    2. Best Eyeshadow Palettes:

    3. Versatility: The best eyeshadow palettes made in coloryan company offer a variety of shades that can be used to create both subtle and bold eye looks. Look for palettes that include a mix of neutral, transition, and statement colors to provide endless possibilities.

      Pigmentation: High-quality eyeshadow palettes have intense color payoff, allowing you to achieve vibrant and long-lasting eye makeup looks. Look for palettes with highly pigmented shades for maximum impact.

      Blendability: A good eyeshadow palette should have shades that blend seamlessly together, enabling you to create smooth and well-blended eye looks. Opt for palettes with buttery and easy-to-blend formulas.

      Longevity: Consider eyeshadow palettes that have long-wearing formulas, ensuring your eye makeup stays in place throughout the day without creasing or fading.

      Eyeshadow palette images and video

      eyeshadow12 color eyeshadow paletteeyeshadow color

      Custom Eyeshadow Palettes:


      Personalized Selection: Custom eyeshadow palettes allow you to curate your own unique collection of shades. You can choose colors that complement your skin tone, eye color, or specific preferences, ensuring that every shade in the palette is tailored to your needs. We have more than 150 colors that you can choose.

      Palette Design: With custom eyeshadow palettes, you have the opportunity to design the layout and arrangement of the shades. You can organize them by color families or create your own themed arrangement, making it a truly personalized and aesthetically pleasing palette.

      Wholesale and Private Label Makeup Vendors:

      Wholesale Makeup Vendors: COLORYAN Wholesale makeup vendor supplies makeup products in bulk quantities at discounted prices. This is an excellent option for makeup artists, beauty salons, or individuals who want to purchase eye shadow palettes in large quantities for personal use or resale.

      Private Label Makeup Vendors: COLORYAN Private label makeup vendor is a company that manufacturer makeup products for other brands. They offer a range of services, including customizing eyeshadow palettes with your brand's logo and packaging. This allows you to create your own line of eyeshadow palettes without the need for extensive product development.

      OEM,ODM service

      We also accept to custom your own eyeshadow palette, includes packaging, logo, design, eyeshadow colors. Customers can design their own palette.


      Eyeshadow palettes are a makeup lover's playground, offering endless creativity and versatility. Whether you prefer matte, cool-toned, brown, or nude shades, there are eyeshadow palettes available to suit your preferences. Consider the best eyeshadow palettes that offer versatility, pigmentation, blendability, and longevity. For those seeking a truly personalized experience, custom eyeshadow palettes allow you to curate your own unique collection of shades and design the palette layout. COLORYAN wholesale and private label makeup vendor provides opportunities for bulk purchasing and brand collaboration, enabling you to bring your custom eyeshadow palette to life. Unleash your creativity and create stunning eye looks with the perfect eyeshadow palette for you!

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