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Wholesale lipstick set with lip liner private label makeup manufacturers

Wholesale lipstick set with lip liner private label makeup manufacturers

  • Color:21
  • Size:1.2*13.2cm/0.7*14cm
  • Net Weight:0.35kg
  • Product Form:liquid
  • Service:Customization Service, After-sales Service.
  • Payment Terms:T/T,Paypal,Bank transfer
  • Shipment:By sea, By air, DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT

Wholesale and Customization of Lipstick and Lip Liner Sets

In the vibrant world of cosmetics, lipstick and lip liner sets stand out as essential tools for crafting captivating looks. Whether it's a bold statement or a subtle enhancement, these sets offer versatility and style. From matte lipstick sets to liquid matte options, the choices are abundant, catering to diverse preferences and needs.
Item namelipstick set with lip liner
Featurewaterproof, long lasting
colors21 colors
private label/custom logoyes
shipmentDHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT,By sea,By air

lip set wholesale

Liquid Matte Lipstick Set:

Liquid matte lipsticks have carved their niche in the makeup industry with their unique properties. They offer intense color payoff coupled with a smooth, velvety texture upon application. Unlike traditional lipsticks, the liquid formula dries down to a matte finish, providing a long-lasting and transfer-resistant wear. This makes them ideal for all-day wear, from morning meetings to evening soirées. Additionally, the wide range of shades available, including the popular lipstick set purple, ensures there's something for every occasion and skin tone.
lipstick private label

Lip Liner Pencil:

Complementing the liquid matte lipstick set is the indispensable lip liner pencil. These pencils are designed to define the lips with precision, creating clean lines and preventing color feathering. Their waterproof and long-lasting formula ensures that the lip look stays put throughout the day, lasting up to 24 hours. With a lip liner pencil 24-hour waterproof feature, confidence is guaranteed, whether facing a busy schedule or a night of festivities.
waterproof lipstick

Functionality of Lipstick and Lip Liner Sets:

Together, these two products offer a powerhouse combination for achieving flawless lip looks. The lip liner sets the stage, outlining the lips and providing a base for the lipstick to adhere to, thereby enhancing its longevity. It also prevents the lipstick from bleeding or smudging, maintaining a polished appearance. Meanwhile, the lipstick adds color and depth, completing the look with a bold or subtle statement, depending on the desired effect. Whether used together or separately, these products offer versatility and creativity, empowering individuals to express their unique style.
liquid matte lipstick setwaterproof lip pencils

Wholesale and Customization Services:

For businesses looking to capitalize on the popularity of lipstick and lip liner sets, wholesale and customization services are essential. Manufacturers and vendors offer a range of options to meet the needs of retailers and beauty enthusiasts alike. From sets of lipstick to matte lipstick sets, the wholesale market caters to various preferences and budgets. Additionally, customization services allow for private label lipstick manufacturing, enabling businesses to create their own brand identity. Logo customization, OEM, and ODM services further enhance the options available, providing flexibility and exclusivity.


In conclusion, lipstick and lip liner sets are indispensable tools for makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike. From the allure of liquid matte lipstick sets to the precision of lip liner pencils, these products offer functionality and style. Wholesale and customization services further expand the possibilities, allowing businesses to tap into this lucrative market and cater to diverse tastes. Whether it's a bold new shade or a personalized brand, the world of lipstick and lip liner sets invites creativity and expression.


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