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Wholesale Beauty Blender Sponge Custom Logo Vendor

Wholesale Beauty Blender Sponge Custom Logo Vendor

  • Color:multi colors
  • Size:5.5*4cm
  • Net Weight:0.01kg
  • Product Form:sponge
  • Service:Customization Service, After-sales Service.
  • Payment Terms:T/T,Paypal,Bank transfer
  • Shipment:By sea, By air, DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT

The magical assistant for pink makeup: Completely unlock the skills of using powder puffs and the wholesale method of brand beauty products.

1. Types of makeup sponge:

There are many types of powder puffs, including traditional foundation puffs, beauty sponges, oval powder puffs, etc. Each one has its own unique design and is suitable for different makeup steps. Beauty sponges are often hailed as the universal choice, and their shape design makes it easy to apply to hard-to-reach areas such as the eyes and nose.

Next, we will introduce the types and uses of COLORYAN beauty blender sponge.

Beauty blender sponge images below, different colors that you can choose from.

beauty blender

1.water drop puff

①Suitable for T zone, nose, lips and corners of eyes.

②Suitable for neck and whole face, roll and tap.

③Suitable for applying and setting makeup on large areas of forehead and cheeks.

makeup sponge

2.Bevel cut puff

①Flat side tip
Suitable for both sides of the nose and lower corners of the eyes.

②bevel plane
Suitable for applying and setting makeup on large areas of forehead and cheeks.

middle arc
③Suitable for neck and whole face, roll and tap.

④Suitable for the corners of the eyes, mouth and T-zone.

blender sponge

3.Water drop beveled puff

①pointed tip
Suitable for nose and eye corners
Suitable for concealing and setting makeup under eyes and lips

③Suitable for neck and whole face, roll and tap

④Suitable for applying and setting makeup on large areas of forehead and cheeks

powder puff

How to use makeup sponge?

Soak the puff and gently squeeze out excess water.

You can choose to apply liquid foundation or powder to your face.

Use the puff to pat or stroke to apply makeup evenly.

For beauty sponges, you can use its different parts to achieve precise concealing, brightening and other effects.

Selection of best makeup sponges

The key to finding the best puff is the material and design. COLORYAN's high-quality blending sponge are soft, durable, easy to clean, and will not absorb too much product. Ensure makeup fits better and lasts longer.

Beauty blender sponge wholesale

If you want to own high-quality beauty products, wholesale is a good choice. COLORYAN beauty wholesaler provides high-quality beauty products, including beauty blender sponge. This shopping method can be more economical and provide more choices, especially for makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists.

Beauty blender sponge with custom logo

COLORYAN wholesalers provide beauty products with customized logos, such as beauty sponges with custom logos. This not only makes the product more personalized, but also provides more possibilities for brand image building. Personalized beauty tools are becoming more and more popular in the market, providing users with a more unique makeup experience.
Its beauty customization services include customization of labels, ingredients, packaging, colors, etc. Customers can provide their own customized ideas for makeup customization.

If you are looking for wholesale makeup vendor, please kindly contact us, we will make the best makeup for you.

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