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Highlighter palette-How to DIY makeup palette

2023-12-08 03:30 COLORYAN 105

What's a good highlighter makeup?

The best highlighter palette makeup must be accompanied by very high quality and highlighter color. This coloryan custom highlighter palette is the best choice. It also meets the pigmentation and durability that a makeup palette should have. Also caters for custom color and highlight palette needs.

Below is highlighter palette images

single highlighter palette

private label makeupsingle higlighter

6 color highlighter palette

custom makeup

Highlighter colors

private label makeup

Benefits of creating your own highlighter palette:

Personalized Shades:
By creating your own highlighter palette, you have the freedom to choose a shade that perfectly matches your skin tone and desired glow. Coloryan Cosmetics has eight different highlight colors for you to choose from, whether you have dark or light skin, there is a corresponding color available, this ensures customizable and flattering highlights that enhance your unique beauty.
VERSATILE OPTIONS: The custom beauty palette includes die-hard palette options, a single color palette and a 6-color palette, and a choice of round and square hole aluminum pans for a versatile highlighter color palette.
Private label beauty: In addition to color and packaging options, coloryan still provides private label services, including branding, logo printing, and label customization.
Customized highlights: Private labeling is one of the services. In addition, coloryan also provides customized beauty services, including packaging, color, ingredients, design, etc. You can contact us at coloryan for details.

Printing sample



Custom highlighter palettes allow you to illuminate your beauty in a unique way. By creating your own highlighter palette, you can choose personalized shades, packaging and design to enhance your features and reflect your style. Coloryan Wholesale Custom Highlighters provide professionals and beauty enthusiasts with a cost-effective solution for maximum benefit at minimum cost. Custom makeup palettes extend customization to include other makeup products, allowing you to create a complete collection that matches your brand or personal style. For those looking for a creative outlet, DIY makeup palettes offer the fun of designing and assembling your own unique palette. Embrace the world of custom fluorescent palettes and let your light shine in a way that's truly yours.


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