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Best Beauty Sponge Makeup Wholesale

2024-01-06 23:26 COLORYAN 74

The biggest feature of COLORYAN makeup sponge is that it is soft and does not absorb powder, and there are no dead spots when applying makeup. Now let’s introduce how to use THE blending sponge.

1.water drop puff

①Suitable for T zone, nose, lips and corners of eyes.

②Suitable for neck and whole face, roll and tap.

③Suitable for applying and setting makeup on large areas of forehead and cheeks.

makeup sponge

2.Bevel cut puff

①Flat side tip
Suitable for both sides of the nose and lower corners of the eyes.

②bevel plane
Suitable for applying and setting makeup on large areas of forehead and cheeks.

middle arc
③Suitable for neck and whole face, roll and tap.

④Suitable for the corners of the eyes, mouth and T-zone.

blender sponge

3.Water drop beveled puff

①pointed tip
Suitable for nose and eye corners
Suitable for concealing and setting makeup under eyes and lips

③Suitable for neck and whole face, roll and tap

④Suitable for applying and setting makeup on large areas of forehead and cheeks

powder puff

How to use a beauty blender sponge?

Soak the beauty sponge: Before use, soak the beauty sponge and gently squeeze it to expand to its original size.

Apply makeup: Apply foundation, concealer, or other makeup base product to your face.

Dab or pat: Use a beauty sponge to pat or pat to ensure that the product evenly covers the face and avoid excessive absorption.

How to wash makeup sponge?

Rinse with warm water: Gently cleanse the makeup sponge with warm water to ensure that the base makeup product is completely removed.

Mild Soap: Use a mild soap or special facial cleanser to help remove residual makeup and bacteria.

Squeeze gently: Gently squeeze the beauty sponge to restore it to its original shape and absorb excess water with a towel.

Where to buy wholesale makeup?

COLORYAN Beauty Cosmetics Company is a wholesaler with ten years of experience in cosmetics production. When purchasing small or large batches of beauty products from US, you can get the most favorable and practical beauty products.

How does custom makeup manufacturing work?

Custom Logo: As a beauty manufacturer, we offer beauty products with custom logo, such as beauty sponges. Users can choose their own logo or brand mark to make the product more unique.
In addition, We also accepts customized services such as cosmetic labels, colors, ingredients, and packaging. Customers can customize the products they want according to their own needs.

In conclusion:

Proper use and cleaning of makeup sponges are crucial to the makeup process. Through our professional beauty wholesaler, both individual users and professional beauty practitioners can easily obtain high-quality beauty products. For those users who pursue personalization, custom beauty manufacturing provides them with the opportunity to showcase their brand and unique taste, adding more color to the beauty world.


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