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Wholesale custom eyeshadow palette

Wholesale custom eyeshadow palette

  • Color:multi color
  • Size:
  • Net Weight:
  • Product Form:powder
  • Service:Customization Service, After-sales Service.
  • Payment Terms:T/T,Paypal,Bank transfer
  • Shipment:By sea, By air, DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT

Wholesale eyeshadow palettes with logo printing

Building your own eyeshadow palette

In order to achieve the diversity of eye shadow palettes and the fun of customizing eye shadow palettes, this diy eyeshadow palette is the best choice. It is an eye shadow palette that you can choose by yourself, including the eye shadow color and the color of the eye shadow palette.

The palette eyeshadow includes 7 different eyeshadow palette options.

4 color eye shadow palette

9 color eye shadow palette

12 color eye shadow palette

15 color eye shadow palette

16 color eye shadow palette

20 color eye shadow palette

25 color eye shadow palette

palette eyeshadow

They are all eye shadows with a diameter of 26mm, and you can freely choose the eye shadow color and color palette.

The makeup palette eyeshadow contains matte, shimmer and glitter eye shadows for you to choose from.

Eyeshadow features:

High pigment eyeshadow

Waterproof eyeshadow

Long lasting and vegan,cruelty free eyeshadow palettes

It is a professional eyeshadow palette that is lightweight to carry and is a cheap wholesale eyeshadow palette. Designed specifically for the beauty industry, get high-quality products at the cheapest prices and accept all customizations.

matte eyeshadowglitter eyeshadowshimmer eyeshadow

How to custom eyeshadow palette

Private customization services specifically include eyeshadow names, picture printing, and logo printing.

OEM/ODM: If you want to customize a completely different eye shadow palette, you can provide the design, we are responsible for production and customization services, and we can assist with the design.

Among them, the best-selling ones are the pink eyeshadow palette, green eyeshadow palette and nude eyeshadow palette. You can choose your own color according to your own ideas.

How to order

Wholesale makeup&private label makeup

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MOQ:50PCS (If you don’t need print logo, you could order less than 50pcs)


Accepting to custom colors, ingredients, packaging.

LOGO customized accept

Brand customized accept

Work well with:

eye glue


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